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VIP German Auto Repairing.

VIP GERMAN AUTO REPAIRING GARAGE first opened its doors in late 2001 in Dubai Umm Ramoul Area. VIP was started by German cars enthusiasts with over 30 years of hands on experience. Main Goal was and still is to strive for a local workshop that took attention to detail and performed high quality guaranteed level of work and care at a fraction of what the dealers would charge.

VIP GERMAN AUTO REPAIRING has a reputation for premiere quality of service and repair jobs within the timeline and transparency in billing, spare parts replacement and quality work. We provided anytime walk through process for our customers that has been carried over past 19 years, since its establishment to ensure the easiness of our processes towards our clients. We do our best to make our services as friendly as possible from making parts available, temporary repairs, smart payment options and vehicle deliveries.

We strive always for the highest quality of work on your vehicle while passing the savings on to you. We have acquired a large & wide 30,000 sq.ft hi-tech workshop to cater all services while adapting the state of art technologies in modern automobile diagnostics systems to perform anything from routine maintenance, mechanical repairs, electrical repairs, interior repairs to body repairs for your vehicles under professional supervision and hands of master technicians.

Our Skills

General Maintenance

Engine oil change, Transmission oil change and filter, Engine air filter, Differential oil change, Spark plugs, Cabin Air filter, Fuel filter, Brake Pads and Discs, Wiper Blades,Battery,Ac gas recharging & Tires.

Mechanical Repairs

Engine overhauling and Tuning, Transmission Overhauling, Overhauling differentials, Engine and Transmission Cooling system, Power steering system, under carriage Suspension, Fuel system, ignition system and braking system.

Electrical Repairs

Car Electrical charging systems, Horns, Windows electrical Movements, Car locking Systems, Car lighting systems,car electrical sensors, Car Audio systems, instrument cluster, sunroofs and convertibles and all Car Module controls.

A/C system

A/C gas recharging, Compressor, Expansion Valve, Evaporator, Condenser,Valves and Solenoids.

Body Repairs

Car Denting, Painting, Polishing, Aligning and Detailing.

Why Choose VIP German?


Our team is composed of certified technicians with expertise in German Auto Repairs.

Professional skills

We have a skilled customer service team.

Perfect Equipment

We use the latest diagnostic tools to pin point problems so we can fix them in timely fashion and do it right at the first time. We take our business seriously.


Quality is guaranteed on our work.


Our skilled technicians exclusively focus on performing repairs and maintenance for German made cars, so you can count on specialized work each and every time.


Your time is valuable and so is ours. We strive to offer quick turnaround and provide clear, honest communication with our customers when a delay occurs.

Brands we are specialised in

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